Web Accessibility Checking

Siteimprove Accessibility

Take control of WCAG 2 A, AA, AAA accessibility barriers that damage user experience and brand reputation.

Overview of all accessibility issues, number of pages affected and progression.

Don’t waste time manually testing what can be easily automated

Some usability testing requires manual assessment, while the rest can be automated. Leverage the power of automation to drive efficiency across teams delivering inclusive user experiences.  Increase output by using resources strategically; utilising automation for binary tasks which don’t require human assessment.

Historical progression graph to track remediation efforts and document accessibility issues.

Track and benchmark performance to measure success

Measure accessibility performance over time with detailed issue history graphs to track remediation efforts and document usability flaws, trends and landmarks.

Set your sights higher with industry benchmarking to outperform the competition. Motivate internal stakeholders with the internal site, team, page scoring and ranking.

Illustration shows the DCI Accessibility score and progression graph. Both metrics are measured against the Industry Benchmark.

Prioritise fixes and assign accountability

Where to begin? Filter issues on user responsibility, conformance level, severity and issue priority to efficiently remove accessibility barriers that affect your website usability.

  • There are three levels of WCAG 2 conformance. Use filters to focus on the relevant level, according to your organisation or team’s goals.
  • Fix issues with the biggest impact and visibility across your site or target specific conversion journeys by creating page clusters.
  • Filter issues by Headings, Images, Forms and Links to target usability defects impacting navigation and CTAs.
  • Accessibility is not just one department’s responsibility. Move issues between buckets to assign responsibility to different teams and content owners.

Additional Features

You don’t have to be an expert to understand accessibility

Empower users with explanations of issues, advice on how to resolve them, and references to official Web Content Accessibility Guidelines techniques.

Assess issues in context with content and code highlighting to pinpoint and visualise accessibility problems as they would appear in the browser.

Illustration of the Siteimprove Accessibility Checker for Chrome.

Cross-team collaboration made easy

Trying to explain and log technical accessibility issues can be challenging and time-consuming. Highlight accessibility issues in context to colleagues and third parties with interactive report links and Jira Integration.

Illustration of the Jira Extension

Jump start your accessibility efforts directly in Chrome 

Download our free Accessibility Checker Chrome Extension to see the accessibility issues that affect your website, as you browse. 

Recheck pages in different states and production environments for one-off WCAG conformance tests on the fly.

Illustration of Siteimprove Accessibility Checker in Chrome extension store.

How does the Web Accessibility Checker work?

Content is crawled and checked against a combination of WCAG A, AA, AAA success criteria and best practices. The scoring system comprises categorised and weighted checks based on issue severity. Industry benchmarking factors are assigned to your particular industry.
Siteimprove divides accessibility issues into three categories:

  • Errors: Issues which have been automatically determined to be failures to meet success criteria in the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG)
  • Warnings: Issues which have been automatically determined to be failures to meet best practices in the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG)
  • Reviews: Potential failures which can only be confirmed by a manual inspection
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