PDF Accessibility Checking

Siteimprove Accessibility

Detect, monitor and fix fundamental accessibility issues affecting the usability of your PDFs.

Get a full overview of all your PDFs affected by Accessibility issues

By nature, PDFs are not very accessible; however, there are times when HTML or other formats will not suffice. If you need to publish PDF content, use PDF Accessibility Checker to flag accessibility issues affecting usability and the end-user experience.

Share and communicate issues with ease

Assess issues in context with in-PDF highlighting to pinpoint and visualise accessibility defects. Easily share and demonstrate PDF accessibility issues with colleagues and third parties using interactive report links.

Prioritise remediation with usage data

Prioritisation has never been more straightforward. Fix PDFs with the highest click rate and visibility with PDF ‘click’ and page referral usage data.

What does the PDF Checker look for?

PDF Accessibility Checker currently performs the following checks:

  • The document is not machine-readable
  • The document is not tagged
  • The document is missing a language definition
  • The document has no title
  • The document contains no headings
  • The document has no bookmarks
  • The document cannot be accessed by user agents
  • The document contains untagged content
  • The first heading is not a Heading 1
  • The heading structure is incorrect
  • The image has no alternative presentation
  • The table has no table headings
  • The form element does not have a label explicitly connected
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