Check your site’s accessibility

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Break down complex accessibility issues into easy-to-understand, prioritised tasks

With Siteimprove, you can prioritise issues based on where on your site they occur, conformance level and how difficult they are to fix, so you can efficiently remove accessibility barriers that affect the way users experience your brand. You don’t have to be an accessibility expert to get started — we pinpoint issues via on-page and in-code highlights. And our built-in education guides are there to help you and your team implement accessibility best practices.

Easily measure success and report progress towards accessibility compliance

Use historical graphs and the unique DCI score to demonstrate progress towards compliance across your sites and benchmark your results against industry standards. Our comprehensive DCI score, customisable dashboards and automated accessibility reports give you an easy way to measure and document progress, both internally and externally, while keeping your team motivated and on track.

Protect your organisation from legal and reputational risk

Siteimprove gives you a complete overview of your web assets. Automatically check all your pages, content and even PDFs against WCAG standards, ensuring that you consistently work towards accessibility compliance and avoid potential legal issues or brand damage. Automated accessibility audits help by monitoring thousands of pages at the same time to identify common issues across your digital assets, enabling you to make impactful site-wide fixes that bring you closer to compliance.

Automated Accessibility Checks

Siteimprove provides automated testing that strictly adheres to WCAG standards, so you can spot issues and errors across all conformance levels. Automated testing allows you to simultaneously audit hundreds of thousands of pages across dozens of sites, so you can prioritise the parts of your website that need swift attention. Siteimprove also runs automated accessibility tests on your PDFs to ensure they are accessible and user-friendly.

Learn more about  PDF accessibility checking.

Screenshot of different Accessibility checks, sorted by conformance level

Guidance and Practical Recommendations

You don’t have to be an expert to understand accessibility guidelines. Siteimprove helps your users access the information they need, creating a fully inclusive brand experience. We turn accessibility standards into relevant and actionable to-dos – get clear explanations of issues, advice on how to resolve them and references to official WCAG techniques. 

Screenshot showing an explanation of an error and how to fix the issue

Issue Highlighting

Use Page Reports to see accessibility issues highlighted directly on your web page or within your source code so you don’t waste time scrolling to locate the problem. With CMS deeplinking, you can go directly from an issue in the Siteimprove platform to the corresponding page in your CMS to fix the problem. Page Reports also allow you to cross-check your content for quality assurance violations, such as broken links, spelling mistakes, or SEO issues that negatively impact the user experience. 

Screenshot showing an issue that is highlighted in the source code

Accessibility Issue Categorisation

You can organise and filter accessibility issues depending on their location on your site. This helps you to make smart decisions about which issues to prioritise and which teams need to be involved, speeding up remediation and ensuring consistent results across your sites.

Screenshot showing accessibility issues filtered by the "Editor" role, with options to filer by Webmaster and Developer

Progress Monitoring

Stay on top of accessibility issues and document your progress towards accessibility conformance with clear documentation. Keeping track of your efforts is easier with a detailed overview of resolved accessibility issues and how they affect your overall accessibility score. Share your progress and achievements with other teams and key stakeholders to ensure alignment and demonstrate accessibility compliance over time.

Screenshot showing the Siteimprove progress graph of accessibility issues over the last 6 months