The Accessible Canada Act: The What, Why, and How of Ensuring Digital Accessibility for All Canadians

Sep 29 — Online

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  • Learn more about the ACA. Why it was created, Who must comply, Principles of the ACA, Latest developments in policy and regulation.
  • How do people with disabilities use the web?
  • While the ACA requires all federally regulated organizations to have a plan to achieve accessibility, the overall responsibility for the government sits with Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC). How can the ESDC and TBS provide direction on what departments need to do?
  • What do Departments need to know? Updating your process and skillset to ensure accessibility is incorporated into all digital properties
  • How departments can measure ICT accessibility
  • How to move from uncertainty about people’s needs and the government’s regulations to a progressive, innovative, people-centric department that makes a difference to the lives of Canadians every day.

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