Google's page experience update is coming quickly and many marketers are wondering what they can do to prepare their websites. In this video, Siteimprove Solutions Consultant, Matthew Bebenek, shares how you can use Siteimprove to get ready for this important update. 

In this video, he explains how to:

  • Check and boost your page loading times using Siteimprove Performance
  • Examine your site for any unsafe browsing issues with Siteimprove Web Security
  • Ensure your site’s connection is secure
  • Gauge your site’s mobile-friendliness
  • Make sure your pop-ups aren’t making your content less accessible
  • Confirm your web page content is high-quality and error-free with Siteimprove Quality Assurance

Wondering what else you can do to prepare for Google's page experience update? Download this checklist!