We all play a role in helping our organizations reach their goals, and each role brings a unique lens and set of responsibilities to that effort. As tech stacks become larger and more complex, it’s important to think critically about the tools we’re using within our teams and across our organizations. That’s why asking questions like “Will this tool make my job easier?” and “Would other teams benefit from using this tool as well?” are crucial to determining fit for a given solution. 

We recently sat down with one of Myplanet’s Customer Success Managers, their Director of Standards & Compliance, and Siteimprove’s Partner Account Manager to discuss how they adopt Siteimprove in their individual roles.

Perspective 1: Upholding QA While Improving SEO and Accessibility

Lucas Playford, Customer Success Manager at Myplanet
Responsibilities: Meets with customer stakeholders, understands their concerns and implications when things go wrong.

As a CSM, working with multiple clients on a daily basis is the norm. Myplanet’s optimization process includes a variety of tools that allow us to unlock opportunities for improvement, geared to the needs of each of those clients. One of the tools I rely on most is Siteimprove, which helps produce valuable insights and opportunities for optimization across a customer’s web presence in a number of areas.

For my clients with sites that have multiple content contributors, Siteimprove offers enormous benefit. Its ability to scan and prioritize content on a daily basis, and to surface quality issues including readability, spelling, and broken links is essential to creating and optimizing experiences for customers. Siteimprove’s real-time performance tool catches launch-related issues in production immediately, and then works smoothly in tandem with the Site Inventory tool from the core product in order to produce an immediate, actionable list to correct. That saves us a lot of stress at a pivotal moment in production.

Siteimprove has also brought SEO insights in-house, allowing the team to confidently speak to opportunities for SEO improvements. With the ability to monitor progress over time, we are able to demonstrate to customers how our optimization practice contributes to the continual performance improvement of the digital properties. When it comes to Accessibility, which is a key priority for the Myplanet Optimization team, automated raising of flags about accessibility deficiencies allows us to triage the most important items for resolution towards the customer’s WCAG objectives.

We are now able to go into every meeting, even simple check-ins or phone calls, with value-added recommendations outside of our standard design-build relationship, which helps to build stronger, long-lasting relationships. 

Perspective 2: Adopting a Performance and Accessibility-First Mindset

Tim Fernihough, Director of Standards & Compliance at Myplanet
Responsibilities: Governance and organizational quality consistency

In my role, I am accountable for ensuring that organizational standards surrounding every area of our business exist. That means overall customer experience and creating a high-quality product is extremely important to me, because exceptional project delivery is our most important offering. Having the relevant processes and tools at our team’s disposal to ensure they can achieve those standards is paramount. While some of these standards are more obvious and engrained in our day-to-day workflows, some are more challenging to meet.

For us, performance and accessibility fall into the more challenging bucket. Extremely large impacts to website performance can be made by the smallest of architectural changes. It’s important to have an accessibility-first mindset, so that you’re aware of the impact these changes may have on users who rely on assistive technology to navigate the web.

Siteimprove allows us a continual improvement model that enables us to see the results of our fixes in an incremental way, without losing sight of the overall picture of improvement from start to finish. 

Perspective 3: Partnering for Success

Sarah Hendriks, Partner Account Manager, Canada at Siteimprove
Responsibilities: Managing Siteimprove’s Canadian Partnerships

Siteimprove and Myplanet’s strong partnership combines an all-in-one software to optimize your digital presence and a successful, 100+ team of web development practitioners to ensure it’s done properly. 

When I hear stories like the one Tim described to me recently, I am so proud of the partnership we have built. They were working on a client website with surprisingly slow site speed results, something which was immediately caught by Siteimprove. With the immediate identification of the issue, the team was able to take action, investigate the speeds, and rectify before deploying to their client. Combining site speed testing with new policies to flag behaviour that would cause slow site speeds in the future, their team was able to avoid a potentially frustrating launch, mitigate against future site speed issues, and maintain their client’s satisfaction. By streamlining automated checks across numerous digital areas in one place, their team has a unified narrative for ensuring confidence when launching or redesigning web projects.

By partnering with web development teams, we can further promote the adoption of best practices to maximize the web experience for visitors and make the web a better place for all.