What features is a must have in Web analytics tool

Last updated: 2019-10-10 —

A website represents your business online. Your business needs a robust online presence and brand image. To ensure this, you need to have a professional web analytics software in place. It can tell you who is visiting your site and from where, and what activities they perform there. Based on this information, you can modify your website in a way so that your users are satisfied and there is brand awareness among them. Precisely speaking, you can refer to web statistics for an insight into your web presence.

The analytics tools can prove to be beneficial for your business from different perspectives. Here is a quick look at them.

  • Data collection: Knowing where users are staying on the page can help you utilize the demographic data in providing targeted services and products for their needs.
  • Keyword and traffic: People learn about your site mostly through the search engine. If you know which words and phrases led them onto your website, you can include them in your content for optimization and improve rankings for the searched terms. 
  • Campaign review: Any marketing endeavor involves time, effort, and cost. When you get to observe its performance in real-time, it becomes easy to increase profits and reduce losses.

Ultimately, all these interconnected activities are crucial for optimizing conversion. But unfortunately, this process becomes complicated when people use different products for analyzing, tracking, and understanding user behavior without realizing the downsides of it. They forget that using too many tools can limit the scope of insights and affect the results also. Hence, instead of adopting their path, you should try to find a tool that can do all the necessary jobs for you. For this, you have to make sure your analytics tool has some specific features.

Essential features of an analytics tool

A complete conversion rate optimization (CRO) suite

Understanding where your visitors are and what they do is critical for pushing the conversions. With a web analytics tool, you can observe visitor behavior, optimize the website, and offer better services to users of the website.

A holistic tool can navigate you through the entire customer journey with unfolding crucial behavior insights about them through behavior maps. You can further refer to the chart for A/B testing and results to customize visitor experience, as you can see what users are doing - scrolling, tapping, or clicking. Since the costs can shoot up if you use numerous tools, you must look for an integrated suite that can perform all the functions and lower your expenses too. For example, you can have a look at Siteimprove Analytics and alternative to Google Analytics, which has all of this and can also improve your ROI.

Dynamic and real-time tracking

Most of the tools produce heatmaps that give you sampled data or snapshots. These have some limitations as they can’t track all the elements on your site. But dynamic heatmaps can do full tracking and generate real-time reports. The advantage of using an active tracking system is that you can gauge the performance of even interactive components, such as dropdowns, sliders, etc. You wouldn't be able to get a piece of accurate information with sampled data as it captures only a part of the traffic randomly. Then, visitor segmentation is another huge benefit that you get with dynamic tracking. You can personalize services and products based on different personalities and their needs.

A/B testing

A/B testing can be a challenging task as such. But some tools can facilitate load time and editing exercises when it comes to assets, including landing pages, emails, social media post, display ads, etc. With the help of this method, you can quickly analyze your promotional and marketing activities for their effectiveness.

Advanced targeting and filtering

This option allows you to track unique visitor behavior by segment or category. A CRO tool should be able to divide users based on their age group, location, device type, etc. At the same time, it should enable you to customize segments so that you can improve conversions. Along with this, there should be a provision to segregate the results of all the campaigns through filters to help you obtain in-depth information about a particular type of visitors.