Gain clarity

Understand your web security at a glance

Instantly gain clarity on your security standing with Score Assessment. Your score will give you a quick indication of the severity of potential security issues that pose a risk to your organization. Get an understanding of which issue categories carry the most serious risk and where to take action with the score breakdown.


Confidently act on prioritized security issues

With fix-first recommendations, severity ratings assigned to each issue, and actionable suggested fixes, you’ll be ready to prioritize and take decisive action on the most pressing issues.


Communicate across departments to ensure cyberhealth

Collaborating with your IT and security teams can be challenging, especially in the technical, complex security landscape. With organized, detailed issues lists and easy issue categorization, you’ll have everything you need to share and efficiently collaborate across departments.

Score overview

Siteimprove Web Security scans your site for essential types of vulnerabilities that are vital to your organization’s cyberhealth. These checks are translated into a single score and measured on a scale of 0 to 100 that gives an instant view into your organization’s security standing.

Web security categories

Prioritize and delegate fixing problems with the help of three issue categories: Web Application, Server, and Network. Web Application issues are threats to users while they use your site or app. Server issues are attempts to hack your data assets, while Network issues are suspicious activities that indicate malware or phishing attempts.

For each category Siteimprove Web Security gives you a clear, actionable recommendations on which critical issues should be fixed first based on severity and importance

Detected issues list

To get full visibility into where the problems lie, Web Security gives you a complete list of all the findings in all three issue categories, so you can identify where you have the greatest number of weaknesses.

These insights can be easily shared across departments and simplify collaboration with your IT and security teams.

Issue details with recommendations

Every issue comes with a detailed description that helps you better understand what the problem is and why it’s important. Issues are also automatically assigned a severity rating to indicate the risk. The actionable recommendation for fixes makes it easy to get started.

Drill down into a specific issue to see when it was first detected and how many times it has occurred – which are important data points in web security where the speed of patching existing weaknesses is critical.

Website Certificates

Updated website certificates provide critical security and data integrity for your websites and users’ personal data.

With a full overview of expired and soon-to-expire website security certificates (and their providers), you can easily keep track of when to renew your certificates and who to contact in order to do so. That way you make sure you never lose any potential visitors who might not be able to access your site or do not feel safe browsing insecure sites.

Email Alerts

Keeping your website and visitors safe is very often a time-sensitive process, making it important to actively monitor your web security.

Thanks to automated email notifications alerting you to any changes in your overall score, you will know when changes occur without having to log in to the module—allowing you to be proactive in addressing potential security issues.

Historic Overview

The Historic Overview and graph with your score development makes it easy to track fixed issues and ensure continued progress towards better security.