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As a small team, it can be difficult to find the resources to implement a data-driven decision making process. According to Gartner, 69% of marketing leaders expect the majority of their decisions to be driven by data, but they lack the time, tools, or processes to execute on their vision. The size of your team shouldn’t stop you from generating ROI and making smart campaign decisions. It’s time to take the guesswork out of your marketing activities and start generating impact and proving ROI.

Create a strong marketing foundation with your website

Every second counts. According to Google, 53% of visitors abandon a site if it takes more than three seconds to load.

Before you spend budget on attracting prospects, take a look at the health of your site. Are you losing valuable prospects because your site takes longer than three seconds to load? Stay one step ahead. Perform customer-centric performance tests that tell you exactly how to improve your website experience and keep prospects engaged.

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Generate high quality paid and organic traffic

Every dollar counts. Websites that appear on the first page of Google search results capture more visitors—which means more business.

Automatically audit 70+ SEO checks to ensure your business ranks as high as possible in Google search results. Supplement your organic search optimization with paid search ads. Learn how to make sure your ads show up when and where you want, while removing 44+ conversion blockers, so your ads have the highest possible chance of success

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Build landing pages that convert and prove ROI

Every page counts. A landing page is your one opportunity to make a good impression and convert traffic. Siteimprove Ads automatically provides you with a prioritized list of conversion blockers.

By connecting Siteimprove Analytics, you can use Heat Maps to understand visitor behavior on each landing page. Prioritize issues based on severity level and boost conversion rates. Automated audits and practical recommendations let you focus on strategy and growth, not day-to-day adjustments.

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Make data-driven decisions as a team or with external agencies

Every team member counts. Generating traffic, converting traffic to leads, and proving ROI for marketing generated leads are three of marketers' greatest challenges. 

Create custom dashboards for each member of your team, so they can see the insights and actions that are most relevant to them—keeping your team aligned to your marketing strategy and empowered to take action. Evaluate high-impact issues, make decisions, and prove impact.

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