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Understand how visitors experience your site to boost its performance

Your pages won’t perform the same way for all visitors: the device they use or their location both dramatically impact load time. With Visitor Profiles and Visitor Loading Experience & Performance you get powerful visualisations of how loading experience changes depending on location, network, and device.  


Identify optimisation opportunities for faster load time

Not all performance issues have the same impact on page speed. The number of elements and the visitor's proximity to your web server both have a high impact on your page load time. Thanks to Session Replay Video you can see how different elements of a page load for your visitors. With the Asset Location Map you can see where those elements are located so you can bring them closer to your visitors, so they load faster.  


Benchmark performance and act with certainty to improve it

With Siteimprove Performance, you can see how your site is performing compared to industry standards with Google’s Lighthouse Performance scores. With the progress graph, you can monitor performance gaps and improvements over time. Once you know where you stand, Actionable & Shareable Recommendations organised by task owner and difficulty level help you communicate or delegate improvements to teams or agencies, so you can unify everyone behind a single goal. 

Visitor profiles

Your page loads differently depending on a visitor’s location, network, and device. With Visitor Profiles, you can choose a combination of settings that simulate the conditions your visitors face: 

  • Measure performance from multiple countries: Monitor your sites from your visitors' locations to ensure a consistent fast loading experience. 
  • Measure performance on different network speeds: Monitor your sites using different network speeds. Not all your customers have access to the same network speeds – some use 3G, while others use slow cable internet, which affects how they see your page load. 
  • Optimize performance for mobile: About half of daily internet time is spent on a mobile device. Make sure your site loads fast on mobile, and you’ll ensure it loads quickly from any device. 

Lighthouse score & progress graph

Assessing site speed becomes easier when you know what the standards for your industry are. Built by Google, Lighthouse is an open-source auditing tool for developers. Your Siteimprove Performance score will help you see if your performance lives up to Google’s standards. Once you remove performance bottlenecks, you can see your progress over time in a progress graph.

Visitor loading experience & performance timeline

See how your visitors experience your site with visual records of what the page looks like while it's loading. User-centric performance metrics provide better insight into your visitors’ experience as your site loads: 

  • First Contentful Paint (FCP): When the browser renders the first bit of content (e.g. text, an image, or page elements) 
  • First Meaningful Paint (FMP): When the primary content loads (e.g. the main video, text, or image) 
  • Time to Interactive (TTI): Time when visitors are able to perform an action 

These metrics are combined in a performance timeline with benchmark statistics on when visitors typically abandon a page—helping you make a case for why improving loading times of specific pages should be a priority. 

Asset location map

Your site is composed of many elements (images, scripts, etc.), but these assets are often stored on different servers. The distance between your servers and your visitors has a direct impact on your site’s performance. The Asset Map shows where the different elements of your page are stored so you can bring these elements closer to your visitors.

Session replay video

To understand the importance of a delay of even one second, you must put yourself in your customer’s shoes. Understand your visitors’ behaviour by watching your page load sequence. Session Replay Video captures everything visitors see while the page is loading, so you get the visibility you need to pinpoint defects, improve performance, and foster collaboration between team members.

Actionable & shareable recommendations

Get a simplified overview of a page’s issues, including difficulty level and who should be responsible for fixing them. Understanding how difficult an issue is to fix and who has the expertise to fix it, helps you prioritize and delegate tasks and improve cross-team communication. If you work with an external agency, you can share the technical details of issues to ease communication.