Personal Data Inventory

Siteimprove Data Privacy

Siteimprove Data Privacy provides you with an updated overview of the personal data on your websites so you don’t have to spend valuable time manually looking for it.

Use automation to monitor personal data

Manually checking every page of your website for personal data is a tedious procedure that wastes valuable time and resources.

Siteimprove Data Privacy automates this process by continuously monitoring all your websites, providing you with an up-to-date and easily searchable personal data inventory.

Start off by revising the most critical data

Having personal identification numbers on your website is more alarming than showing names or email addresses. This becomes even more critical when the page containing ID numbers has a lot of visits.

With Siteimprove you get a list of pages containing personal data, the type of personal data they contain, and the times the page has been viewed so you can prioritise the data that could harm you most.

Remove unnecessary personal data

The Page Report conveniently lets you audit personal data in context. This makes it easier to evaluate whether it serves a purpose or if you can remove it to keep the amount of personal data on your websites to a minimum.

What type of personal data does Siteimprove identify?

Our crawler scans the HTML across all your websites and identifies appearances of emails, personal identification numbers, and phone numbers. Thanks to an extensive database of names it also identifies names from multiple countries and languages.

You can choose to sort results by:

  • Pages containing personal data
  • Personal data types
    • Personal identification numbers
    • Names
    • Phone numbers
    • Email addresses

With CMS deeplinking you can easily access your CMS to rectify or delete the personal data located on that specific site. Data privacy regulations don’t necessarily force you to delete every instance of personal data from your sites, but many require you to have full control over where that data lives so you can protect it, edit it or delete it as necessary.

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