IP & Domain Map

Siteimprove Data Privacy

Knowing what domains belong to your organisation is a prerequisite for assessing where and how much personal data is being held on your websites.

 Screenshot showing Siteimprove’s Domain Map. It shows a map with orange dots where domains are registered. To the right there is a list with the identified domains in Denmark.

Identify all your domains and IP addresses

Siteimprove detects domains that could potentially belong to your organisation. You can reject domains that aren’t yours or add domains the crawler hasn’t identified. This gives you a full and updated overview of all the places you own and are responsible for.

Screenshot showing the index of domains. It shows a table with the identified domains classified as “confirmed domains”, “unconfirmed domains”, and “rejected domains”. For each domain the table displays the organization, the domain registrant and whether the domain it’s scanned for personal data.

Don’t let personal data slip through the cracks

No matter how long your organisation has been around, it’s possible you've forgotten about certain domains or IP addresses—which means forgotten data. Whether or not you’re aware of all the domains your organisation owns, you are still responsible for the data on them. With Siteimprove Data Privacy you ensure all your domains are scanned so no personal data slips through the cracks.  

What is the IP & Domain Map and how does it work?

The IP & Domain Map is a map that displays the domains, sub-domains, and IP addresses that are potentially associated with your organisation.

In order to identify these domains we start by looking at the domains that have been confirmed to belong to your organisation. We then utilise information from these confirmed domains, such as the name of the registrant, to find related domains. You can reject or confirm whether these belong to your organisation. Each of the domains in the inventory is classified by one of these statuses:

  • Confirmed Domain: Domains that have been confirmed to belong to your organisation.
  • Unconfirmed Domain: Domains with either the same IP address, registrant name, or organisation name as an already confirmed domain.
  • Rejected Domains: Domains identified by Siteimprove but that don’t belong to your organisation.
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