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Siteimprove Data Privacy

Compliance begins with an overview: Siteimprove Data Privacy provides insights that help you handle cookies in compliance with the law.

Screenshot showing Siteimprove’s Cookie module. It shows a table with all the identified cookies.

Automate the Process of Identifying Your Website’s Cookies

Manually identifying all current cookies across all your domains would eat up your web team’s time. Siteimprove Data Privacy automates the process—and it’s more reliable than checking for cookies manually. Our crawler checks your site and provides you with a list of all the cookies identified in all the domains of your Siteimprove subscription.

Screenshot showing the Cookie Details Table. It shows information such as the name, domain, and path of the selected cookie. 

Handle Your Website Cookies in Compliance With the Law

Cookie laws and GDPR create new requirements for how website cookies should be handled. To meet these, you first need to know what cookies are set on your websites. The cookie details page provides the values of each cookies and lists the pages on which the cookie was found. This gives your team the visibility they need to assess the liability of these cookies and the need for cookie consent messaging.

How does Siteimprove Data Privacy identify all your website’s cookies?

Our crawler visits your website in incognito mode and registers all the cookies that are set on it. It’s configured to emulate a set of browser conditions to identify as many cookies as possible. The data extracted includes:

  • Name: Useful in identifying the purpose of the cookie. 
  • Domain: Indicates whether it’s a 1st or 3rd party cookie.
  • Path: Tells you whether a cookie is set on one or multiple pages.
  • Value: Useful when the cookie name alone isn’t informative. For example, the value “v=2&lang=en-us” indicates the visitor’s language preference.   
  • Expiry date: How long a cookie is stored on a visitor's device.

This information is presented in a comprehensive cookie overview table, along with details on when each cookie was first detected by the crawler, and the pages where the cookie was found.

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