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Siteimprove Policy

A website redesign project can be an intimidating initiative to undertake. Siteimprove’s pre-built policies help you overcome those small but irritating issues that might appear during a redesign project.

Ensure your new website has a quality foundation

Mistakes can easily slip through the cracks during content creation and migration to your new site. With Siteimprove Policy, you monitor editorial and web standards and apply best practices to help your team create an error-free website. This will help you not only prior to launch but also with your website’s maintenance long after it goes live.

Create tailored policies to meet your own web and editorial standards

Our pre-built policies are based on the most common website challenges companies face when going through a website redesign. However, as each company needs to meet their own unique web and editorial standards, Siteimprove Policy allows you to create customized policies tailored to your needs.

What do these pre-built policies look for?

  • Brand names that appear without ® and/or ™ symbols: This policy makes sure that your brand is displayed with trademark or copyright symbols after a redesign project. You can also create a content policy to verify that the copyright is valid for the current year.
  • Links to documents that do not open in a new tab: It’s irritating and disruptive to users when they click on a link and it takes them away from the page they’re currently on. Run this policy to identify pages where incorrect markup causes this to happen.
  • Pages missing a meta tag description and long meta tag descriptions: Meta tag descriptions ensure search engine visibility and can determine whether a visitor chooses to click through to your site. Use these policies to make sure meta tags haven’t been lost with a redesign, and that they still meet best practices.
  • Documents more than three years old: It's important that your website provides up-to-date information. Detect all documents that have been around for more than three years, so you can remove or update it with fresh content.
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