Dear LinkedIn,

It’s not us. It’s you.

In effect, you’re the social media star of your own platform. Connecting 562 million professionals to one another is no small accomplishment and clearly designates you an “influencer” by anyone’s definition. We, here at Siteimprove, appreciate you. But, we also appreciate our customers and our followers. So, we’re saddened that not everyone gets an equal and fair experience on your platform.

15% of the population, or approximately one billion people, live with a disability. Of that number, blindness or visual impairment affects 253 million people. So to you, our dear friends at LinkedIn, we need to talk about your platform’s (in)accessibility for blind or visually-impaired professionals.

Specifically, we’re asking you to offer the ability to add alt text (alt attributes) to uploaded images. In fact, because we Siteimprovers value everyone equally, we’re asking that alt text becomes a standard, mandatory field for anyone uploading images—not just us. We recently began adding alt text descriptions as an add-on to our posts. However, this solution is just a workaround. How much better would it be if a proper alt text field was made available to us and to everyone who posts content on LinkedIn?

Ideally, image alt text is meant to be a perfect description of an image and aid search engines in fully understanding the content on a page. However, its true purpose is much higher than search engine information. Alt text offers a complete picture of a page’s content to people who are blind or visually-impaired so that they also fully understand the content. Industry news, networking, and job announcements are important to all professionals. Remember, blind people search for jobs, too.

Yes, we Siteimprovers are idealistic dreamers who want the web to be a better place for everyone. It’s what we do for a living. We also believe that LinkedIn wants the same. So, please say yes to our request, and make alt text fields available to all users. In this way, all content becomes inclusive to everyone, and followers no longer miss out on any of the awesome information shared by more than 19 million companies engaging with other industry professionals on LinkedIn.

Empowering people to do more,
Siteimprovers - All 544 of Us!