What is the 2021 Guide to Web Accessibility?

It’s a look at the state of web accessibility in ANZ.

Over 20% of people in Australia and New Zealand live with some form of permanent disability. At the same time, the average accessibility rating of ANZ websites is just over 60%.

There’s huge room for improvement.

This report gives you the insights to build a more accessible website experience, putting you ahead of the ANZ competition.


Why do you need this report?

Simply put: If your website isn’t accessible, you’re losing customers without even knowing it.

  • 71% of visitors will turn away from a website they don’t consider easily accessible
  • 80% of people will spend money on sites with the fewest accessibility barriers
  • 90% will not actively let a company know if they find its website difficult to use

Lack of accessibility leads to frustrated site visitors, loss of revenue, damage to your company brand, and even potential legal challenges.

This report helps you become aware of the issues and what you can do to fix them.


What will I get in the report?

You’ll get lots of up-to-date facts and insights about the state of accessibility in ANZ.

In addition, you’ll discover:

  • The 4 barriers your site may be creating for users with disabilities
  • A helpful list of improvement steps for key members of your organisation
  • The 6 website elements you should focus on to deliver a more accessible experience
  • ...and more


Siteimprove has already helped 7,000+ happy customers improve their web accessibility. 


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