THINK Digital: What is page performance and why it matters

Okt 15 — Online

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Join us for a global webinar with Mike King, founder and managing partner of digital agency iPullRank. 

We now live in a digital-first world, and that means we need to evolve how people interact with your organisations online. Google has recognised this evolution. Next year, search engines will have a new way to gauge your digital performance, based on how people perceive the experience of their interaction with each webpage they visit.

These changes speak to the core infrastructure of how your website is built -- how fast your pages load, if they are mobile-friendly, run on secure protocols, and whether their content is stable, to name a few considerations. Your technical foundation, content, and marketing plan must work together. A new set of metrics called Core Web Vitals have been rolled out to help benchmark performance of this initiative.

During this webinar, Mike will illustrate how you can:·     

  • Build a better digital experience for your audience
  • Overcome obstacles that can drive down customer engagement
  • Understand these new metrics and what they tell search engines about your website’s performance