Siteimprove Announces Customer Learning Program

By Siteimprove

Mrz 04 2014

SIteimprove web governance certification logo.Siteimprove announced the launch of a new customer learning platform to supplement its web governance software suite. Initially launching with two available certification courses, Siteimprove plans to expand the platform to contain a library of specialized industry knowledge for website managers and contributors.

Siteimprove Academy, the customer learning platform, currently offers courses on website accessibility and website governance, the first of their kind to be offered online.

“Siteimprove Academy allows us to rapidly deploy and grow a knowledge base for our customers, adding value to our software,” said Siteimprove’s eLearning spokesperson Kevin Rydberg. “We’ve already offered the tools to make their site better, and now we’re offering the understanding to use those tools to their maximum potential.”

“As the importance of an organization’s website becomes their primary face to the outside world, the quality of their web presence becomes increasingly important,” Rydberg said. “The Web Accessibility Certification and Web Governance Certification courses provide website managers with the knowledge to structure their team and website more effectively. These are invaluable skill sets for modern web managers, contributors, and developers, for which training simply isn’t available anywhere else in a digestible classroom environment like Siteimprove Academy.”

Website accessibility, the practice of making websites usable for people with disabilities, is an increasingly-legislated and little-understood topic Siteimprove hopes to shed light on through the new courses.

“According to recent studies, one in five people in the United States claim some form of disability. These people have a right to equal access of public information, and their exclusion can make a serious difference in an organization’s bottom line,” Rydberg said. “Siteimprove Academy’s accessibility certification course builds understanding and best practices for making websites accessible.”

Website governance, the practice of structuring roles, regulations, and policies pertaining to website maintenance, is a similarly little-known practice in modern website teams. The idea of governance has long been used by organizations to structure themselves more effectively, and only recently has the idea of applying those techniques to a web team begun to grab attention.

“Not only have volumes of online publishing exploded in recent years, but so has the sophistication and number of platforms to be supported,” said Shane Diffily, author of the Siteimprove Web Governance Certification Course. “From web to intranets to social media, this challenge is putting considerable strain on web teams. Web Governance courses are necessary to help put order to all this complexity.”

To learn more about Siteimprove Academy contact Kevin Rydberg.