User Actions Log

Siteimprove Data Privacy

Siteimprove Data Privacy keeps a record of the actions you take within the Data Privacy module so that your compliance efforts are visible to management and compliance authorities.

Automatically document your compliance efforts

 The complexity of some data privacy regulations has pushed companies to look for turnkey solutions that will make them comply to the different laws. Technology can’t make you compliant, but it reduces unnecessary manual work and makes it easier for teams to adopt and demonstrate better data privacy practices.

Siteimprove gives you the certainty that your efforts to bring your website in line with GDPR requirements are visible to management and authorities. Every action members of your team take within the GDPR module is automatically logged so that you can audit how personal data on your website has been handled.

Work towards data privacy and transparency

The ‘right to erase’ introduced by GDPR gives individuals the right to ask your organization to delete any personal information you have on them. Thus, having the ability to respond to and document these data removal requests is key to ongoing compliance.

The User Actions Log lets you record the actions taken within the Data Privacy module. This not only help you meet and prove your efforts, it also demonstrates that your company cares about data privacy and has the right systems in place to take immediate action when someone’s data is exposed on your websites.

How does it work and what information does it keep a record of?

The User Actions Log registers actions taken inside the GDPR product which affect personal data. This includes actions like confirming a domain, creating a tracking list, adding or ignoring a name, etc.

All logged actions are displayed in chronological order, with details on:

  • Specific action taken
  • Date and time of the action
  • The specific GDPR feature in which the action was taken

The Action Log can’t be edited, so you can be certain of the integrity of your compliance documentation.

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