Universal Search

Siteimprove Data Privacy

Instantly locate data across all HTML pages, documents, and meta data. Flag personal data for removal and ensure you’re alerted whenever it pops up again.

Screenshot showing Siteimprove’s Universal Search. It shows the search bar and a list with the places where the searched name has appeared.

Instantly Find Personal Data

Some of the most recent data privacy laws include requirements aimed at increasing individuals’ power over their personal data. The GDPR, for instance, gives citizens the right to request their personal data be deleted. This right is also known as “the right to be forgotten”. If your website contains personal data on someone who has invoked their "right to be forgotten", you need to be able to find it quickly and know exactly where it appears.

Siteimprove's Universal Search does exactly that, so you know where to start prioritizing your data privacy efforts.

Screenshot showing the feature Tracked Search Terms. It shows details of the tracked term: the term, the action needed, and who initiated it. Also, there’s a list with all places where this term was identified.

Continuously Monitor Appearances of Personal Data

Respecting someone's "right to be forgotten" isn’t just about finding and deleting their personal data, it’s also about ensuring it doesn't appear on your website again.

Tracked Search Terms is an extended feature of Universal Search that allows you to continuously monitor your sites for a specific term. Being able to track unwanted appearances of personal data will help you achieve ongoing GDPR compliance.

How does it work?

The Universal Search feature lets you search for any term in the pages, files, HTML, and metadata of sites included in your Siteimprove subscription. Flexible search functionality means you can tailor your search to get more relevant results. To tailor, narrow or extend the search results according to your needs, different search operators can be used to determine the logical connection between terms. Beyond the ‘AND’ and ‘OR’ logical operators, it is also possible to exclude results containing certain terms or to find more terms utilizing wildcards.

You can create a tracking list from the search results using Tracked Search Terms. If instances of a tracked term are removed from the site, you’ll see an audit trail of the data removal. When new instances pop up on your site, they’re logged for further action. Even if a search turns up no results, you can still create a tracking list to monitor future appearances of a term.

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