Data security is an increasingly relevant and sensitive subject for many organizations, and it is crucial to know how to handle your and your customers' data. Our core competence is to crawl websites and thereby extract sensitive information to provide a service to our customers. As such, we have an enormous responsibility to ensure that the data we extract remains confidential.

Siteimprove legally solidifies the fact that all data stored through our software belongs to the customer through signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement as part of our standard procedures. In the event that a customer requests to terminate their contract, their stored data is deleted from the servers.

Super-safe facilities

A data center is more than a storage room filled with servers. Server facilities require a controlled climate to prevent overheating along with a long list of technical safety precautions that require consideration. This is why we have chosen to focus on what we do best, providing web governance software, and let specialists do the data storage.

Interxion is the leading supplier of cloud and carrier-neutral co-location data center services in Europe. All of their data centers have earned the ISO22301 and ISO27001 certifications for Information Security Management and Business Continuity. Their premises are under full CCTV monitoring and access requires everything from biometric eye-recognition to fingerprint scans. Further, additional precautions ensure only entrusted employees have access. Data centers require an immense amount of power, but nonetheless Interxion has won numerous awards for sustainability. Their focus on the environment is an important factor for Siteimprove.

But what happens in a case of emergency? Interxion has implemented numerous precautions, including:

  • Water sensors
  • Fire-retardant walls
  • Super-sensitive smoke detection units
  • Automatic gas-based fire suppression systems

Should a power outage strike the data center they have N+1 backup generators that can run for 36 hours at full capacity. If something should fail, there is always another system to take over so it won’t crash. For these reasons, we feel safe having Interxion storing our customers' data.

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