Siteimprove and CARE Internet Services announce collaboration

By Siteimprove

Apr 05 2016

CMS-supplier CARE Internet Services and software-as-a-service provider Siteimprove, today announce a collaboration that will help Siteimprove and CARE customers to save time and money during the website redesign process.

The common goal of this collaboration is to help organizations in the private and public sector make and maintain flawless and accessible websites, while reducing the time investment. After the launch of a new website by CARE, is it important that the website is maintained and this is where Siteimprove offers the best solution.

"After a number of routes where CARE and Siteimprove were jointly working, we became increasingly convinced of the added value that Siteimprove provides our customers collaboration" said Joost Sanders, Managing Director of CARE. "We see that our customers are already using the Siteimprove tools to make managing their website easier and to help meet for example the accessibility requirements.

With over 20 years’ experience in the private sector, CARE is one of the Netherlands most experienced internet agencies. Since 2012, CARE has been servicing the public sector, and is considered a trendsetter in the field of innovative and customer-friendly municipal websites, intranets and web-based narrowcasting.

Siteimprove is the world-leading provider of web governance tools and solutions. The software automatically scans the user’s website every five days, or as often as requested, and sends an automatic report to their inbox. Here they can get an easy overview of there any accessibility, content and SEO problems. Siteimprove provides a simple user interface with direct links to the user’s own content management system and this helping the user save about 70% more time than manual monitoring and editing.

“We want to take as much of the manual work as possible out of the task of website management and at the same time optimize the performance of their websites,” said Chantal Van Melle, Key Account Manager for Siteimprove Benelux. “Ensuring websites are inclusive should not be difficult or expensive, and our mission is to make it achievable for every web designer, editor and webmaster, to achieve this task.”