Siteimprove Adds Key Metrics to Robust Analytics Tool

By Siteimprove

Nov 14 2016

Screen shot of Key Metrics in Siteimprove's robust Analytics tool.MINNEAPOLIS, MN – November 15, 2016 – After releasing the new Behavior Map feature earlier this year, Siteimprove is excited to announce yet another major feature addition to its Analytics tool – Key Metrics. Siteimprove Key Metrics will help web teams transform strategic business objectives into measurable metrics that they can track and optimize for website success.

By allowing organizations to attach monetary values to each action on their website, they will be able to gather concrete, quantifiable data that gives stakeholders and management a glimpse at how the website is helping support overall business objectives.

“We are constantly identifying new ways to help our customers evaluate the state of their website and to help them truly understand how it’s performing in relation to their objectives,” said Ivan Bager, Director of Innovation at Siteimprove. “That’s why Key Metrics is going to be crucial for our customers – it will literally change the way many organizations look at their analytics data, empowering them to prove value and optimize their websites.”

Key Metrics provides retroactive data, so current customers will get an in-depth view of website performance over time. Metrics can easily be added or adjusted as an organization’s needs change and due to the retroactive calculations, results will populate right away.

As an easy-to-use, out-of-the-box analytics tracking system, Key Metrics requires no complex setup and anyone can begin using it within a few minutes. Customer success teams are also available to assist customers with Key Metrics at no additional cost.

“Our Key Metrics feature is so easy to use that anyone can get started immediately if they know what they want to track,” said Bager. “That’s what makes Key Metrics so unique as a metrics tracking system – it gives extremely powerful data without being complicated to use.”


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