Siteimprovers Shine Despite Rainy DHL Run!

By Siteimprove

Sep 01 2014

Siteimprove team members holding hands and cheering at the end of the DHL run.On Friday August 29th, Siteimprove participated in the annual DHL run at Fælledparken in Copenhagen. Called the world’s largest ice bucket challenge because of the weather, it certainly was wet but it turned out to be a great success nonetheless.

We had 25 energetic Siteimprovers ready to face the 5K run, and nothing could stop them! Cheered on by their colleagues, friends and family, it was a great day with many laughs. Besides Denmark, the UK, Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Norway and US were all represented! An absolute blast, everybody enjoyed the infamous Danish ‘hygge’ as we sat in the tent partying on whilst it poured down outside.

After the run, participants were greeted with standing ovations and a barbeque alongside a delicious selection of drinks. Siteimprove CEO Morten Ebbesen considers social events essential to a good working environment and believes interaction is a key element of a healthy company structure.

“At these events we get to know each other in a different way, and for a company that is growing as fast as Siteimprove it is crucial to maintain the social relations,” said Ebbesen.

We couldn’t agree more, and are already looking forward to next year!


Check out our Facebook album – DHL Stafetten’ to see photos from the event.