Siteimprove Web Governance Tools Endorsed by CESA 7

By Siteimprove

Jan 21 2014

cesa500Siteimprove, the leading provider of Web Governance tools, has been endorsed by the Wisconsin Cooperative Education Service Agency 7 (Wisconsin CESA 7) for use within Wisconsin public schools districts.

Wisconsin CESA 7 implemented Siteimprove services on their own agency website in mid-November of 2013, and gave their official approval for use in member school districts after minimizing the number of errors available on their site.

“Siteimprove will increase districts’ ability to provide high quality assistance to the families we serve,” said CESA 7 spokesperson Jeff Dickert, Agency Administrator. “The availability of accurate information on school websites is an increasingly important part of running a school, and Siteimprove helps ensure that availability. CESA 7 recommends Siteimprove as an important part of every school’s online strategy.”

Siteimprove is a major provider for educational institutions, currently working with more than 500 schools and districts worldwide, including higher education organizations like Texas A&M University and the Yale School of Medicine.

“We deeply appreciate the endorsement from Wisconsin CESA 7 and look forward to helping Wisconsin school districts better manage their websites,” said Torben Rytt, CEO of Siteimprove. “Our company prides itself on supporting education, and the endorsement of Wisconsin CESA 7 will give us an opportunity to make a direct and positive impact.”

Siteimprove’s Software as a Service (SaaS) tools help website managers remove misspellings and broken links from their websites, web accessibility issues that cause problems for disabled users, search engine optimization (SEO) issues, as well as website analytics and response monitoring.

Wisconsin CESA 7 is an educational service agency providing a wide range of services for schools in northeast Wisconsin since 1967. Their vision is to create a more cost-effective, collaborative, customer-driven schools to serve the communities around them.

To learn more about the Wisconsin CESA 7 endorsement of Siteimprove, contact Tess Dailey at or Jeff Dickert at