Siteimprove to Offer Web Accessibility Certification Courses on Global Accessibility Awareness Day

By Siteimprove

May 13 2014

Logo of Global Accessibility Awareness Day with abbreviation of GAAD.To celebrate Global Accessibility Awareness Day on Thursday, May 15th, Siteimprove will be offering its Web Accessibility Certification courses for free to the public.

Web Accessibility is the term most commonly used to refer to websites that have been built with disabled users in mind and allows them to easily navigate and interact with the site’s content.

Accessible design makes it easier for screen readers to navigate on-screen text, color-blind or dyslexic users to perceive content, and physically-challenged users to interact with content and media. By properly coding and structuring a website, companies will see substantial improvements in visitor interaction, SEO rankings, and user experience.

“Web accessibility awareness is something that we’re very proud to champion,” said Siteimprove CEO, Torben Rytt. “It’s important to consider every possible visitor to your site and fortunately, with just a few minor changes you can see a huge improvement in the overall user experience of your site.”

The Web Accessibility Certification courses are available to all Siteimprove customers, but will be available to the public for one day only on May 15th. There are two courses that cover Non-Technical and Technical topics for web developers and content creators, such as:

Non-Technical• WCAG 2.0 and Section 508 Accessibility Guidelines• Website optimization• Accessibility testing and tools

Technical• Page structure• Responsive design & frameworks• Semantic markup• Accessible data tables and forms• Accessibility & Content management systems• Troubleshooting common issues