Siteimprove Releases New Trademark Monitoring Feature for Web Governance Suite

By Siteimprove

Oct 02 2014

Trademarks-screenshotToday, Siteimprove launched a new feature within their Web Governance Suite that enables users to monitor for consistent Trademark usage. This new feature allows users to ensure that names, copyrights, and trademarks are presented accurately according to organizational standards.

Protecting intellectual property is essential in today’s constantly evolving digital marketplace, yet many organizations lack the resources to maintain constant vigilance of their trademarks across a large online presence.

Siteimprove customers will now have access to a specific Trademark section within the web governance dashboard that lists all instances of trademark symbols (©, ®, ™) across their website, allowing users to identify any incorrect uses of these important brand elements.

The new trademark monitoring feature helps you:

  • Ensure consistent presentation of organizational trademarks
  • Locate errors, duplicates, and inconsistencies
  • Monitor for names, products, and services that should never be displayed without a trademark

The Trademarks feature is designed as an extension of Siteimprove’s Policy feature, which allows website managers to flag unwanted content while monitoring for content consistency across their entire website.

”It can be difficult to ensure that all of your trademarks are displayed correctly on your website – especially if you have a lot of them,” said Kate Sygrove, Project Manager at Siteimprove. “Siteimprove’s Trademark feature ensures that you will be able to not only locate inconsistencies, but to fix them quickly and easy.”