Siteimprove Releases Improved Web Accessibility Tool

By Siteimprove

Jul 08 2014

Image of Siteimprove's accessibility tool dashboard show A level issues. Siteimprove is proud to announce the release of its improved website accessibility tool. With new features and a redesigned layout for simplicity, the service now allows users to approach tasks based on their job role, making it easier to get started with web accessibility.

Senior eAccessibility Specialist Helene Nørgaard Bech knows that working with web accessibility can be challenging, but she strongly believes a role-based approach to tasks is an accessibility best practice.


The division of roles and priorities between a webmaster, editor and developer can create a gap in accountability, one which web accessibility often falls through, said Nørgaard Bech.Siteimprove narrows this gap by presenting issues relevant to different roles, streamlining efficiency and accountability.Traditionally the tool has divided issues based on the WCAG 2.0 conformance levels: A, AA and AAA but now also offers an issue-specific approach that allows users to easily see issues within areas like headings, links, images and forms. The redesigned layout also introduces a color categorization system to aid and simplify task prioritization.

Throughout the year, as part of Siteimprove’s ongoing commitment to accessibility, it releases a number of helpful resources. To

download Siteimprove’s latest e-book ‘The Must-Have Accessibility Handbook", with tips and tricks for make working with web accessibility easier, visit