Why Partner With Siteimprove?

Separate yourself from the competition with our industry-leading intelligence platform, giving your customers complete visibility across their digital presence. With deep insights into content quality, visitor behavior, accessibility compliance, and more, you become a trusted advisor for your customers as they work towards achieving their goals.

Benefits for You as a Partner

  • Pre-launch testing of content accuracy for a more accessible product
  • Increased value for your current product offering with the Siteimprove Intelligence Platform
  • Referral fees and/or billable hours to benefit your business and increase revenue
  • A seamless customer experience using the Siteimprove CMS Plugin

Benefits for Your Customers

  • A digital presence that adheres to local and global accessibility standards
  • A polished and cost-effective website redesign process
  • Increased team collaboration through shared visibility and prioritized tasks
  • Easy editing directly within the customer’s CMS

Who’s a Good Fit?

We are passionate about empowering and supporting our partners, acknowledging all the work you do.

Our carefully designed partner program is a highly customizable solution. Whether you want to enhance your customers’ digital presence or creatively attract new business, you're in the right place.

Development Partner

Ideal for content management systems (CMS) or development agencies that want to build a better website for their clients from day one. Offer customers a more complete product by seamlessly integrating our platform with their CMS using the Siteimprove CMS Plugin.

Referral Partner

Ideal for agencies and consultants that can benefit greatly from introducing Siteimprove to their customers – educating them on the importance of website maintenance and compliance monitoring.

Become a Partner

At Americaneagle.com we strive to find the best third party solutions in the industry for our customers – and Siteimprove is just that. Our partnership provides our customers with the option to use Siteimprove’s suite of tools to ensure their content is fully optimized and accessible while increasing their website’s visibility.

Jerry BoduchDirector of Partnerships at Americaneagle.com

Our customers are trying to re-think their online strategy to support their overall business objectives. We use Siteimprove to help us deliver accessible, user-centric websites to support those goals.

Photo of Keith Wewe Keith Wewe at Content Pilot

The strategic relationship we have with Siteimprove allows our customers the ability to continue to get the most out of their websites.

Photo of Keith Wewe Keith Wewe at Content Pilot

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