About Siteimprove

We’re a people-centric company driven by digital certainty. We’ve helped more than 5,000 organizations transform the way they manage and deliver their digital presence.

The digital age has made us more connected, informed, and mobile. However, it’s easy to lose visibility of your digital presence and strategic goals. Between our intelligent automation software and a crew of knowledgeable experts, we help organizations find the clarity they need to achieve digital certainty every day.

We're passionate about delivering actionable insights and empowering your team to make amazing things happen.

Who We Are

Siteimprove was founded in 2003 in Copenhagen, Denmark, and has since expanded into nine offices around the world (with more in the works): Amsterdam, Berlin, Copenhagen, London, Minneapolis, Oslo, Sydney, Toronto, and Vienna. With more than 440 employees speaking a combined 22 languages, we pride ourselves on having a truly global, yet truly local approach.

Our Mission

Siteimprove's mission is to make a better web for all. Our team remains dedicated to that mission while also developing new and innovative ways to streamline the creation and management of a reliable, accessible digital presence. Our mission permeates everything we do: It's evident in the product solutions we build, the support we offer, and the professional services and education we provide.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Siteimprove’s global CSR strategy and vision is to positively contribute to the area of digital accessibility, with a specific emphasis on making the web better for individuals of all abilities and disabilities.

Our CSR strategy is executed on two levels:

  1. A grass roots community level in which our local offices and employees engage in meaningful activities that directly tie in with digital accessibility, and which provide tangible benefits to their communities.
  2. A global strategic level in which we as a company support and participate in activities that support web accessibility initiatives and have a wide-reaching impact and level of engagement.

    Since 2010, we have remained proud members of the United Nation’s Global Compact initiative, which sets standards and universally accepted principles for companies within human rights, labor rights, and the environment.

Our CSR Reports

We are proud of our CSR initiatives and continue to expand our efforts to make a difference in the world!

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