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An accessible website minus the confusion

Web Accessibility is about allowing people with and without disabilities to have access to the information they want and need from your website. With reports of 1 in 5 people in North America claiming some sort of disability, 20% of the population is just too large of a group to ignore. Siteimprove Accessibility gives you a complete overview of your site’s web accessibility issues, plus clear explanations of how they affect your users, and specific recommendations on how to fix them.

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But where do I even begin with Web Accessibility?

Web Accessibility can seem overwhelming but with our simple tool, it need not be a hassle. With explanations written by an actual person and issues broken down into easily understandable categories it is the stress-free way to ensure your site(s) accessibility at your own pace.

  • How does it work?

    Siteimprove automatically runs a scan of your entire website or specified sections of web content (including PDF documents) every 5 days and manually as needed. This highlights any WCAG 2.0 current issues which can be automatically detected as a result of evolving and dynamic content. Plus with Siteimprove Priority, you can see which pages with accessibility issues are affecting the most users and prioritize your workload.

  • Check online PDF document accessibility errors

    As well as scanning web pages for WCAG 2.0 accessibility issues Siteimprove Accessibility also scans all of your site’s PDFs for detectable issues as part of WCAG 2.0 / ISO 14289-1:2012 / Matterhorn Protocol. This includes full document and single page element accessibility issues affecting usability, from missing headings and bookmarks to images without alternative text.

  • Check website accessibility issues WCAG 2.0

    Issues and Guidelines in Siteimprove Accessibility checks and identifies the WCAG 2.0 success criteria conformance levels A, AA and AAA for ensuring accessible web content. For instance, missing text alternatives, such as success criteria 1.1.1 Non-text Content which affects screen readers accessing images and even search engine performance. Siteimprove Accessibility also helps list and prioritize errors, flags warnings and allows you to review and ignore WCAG 2.0 issues accordingly.

  • Understand Your Task List

    Get a simple explanation of how each issue affects your users, and how to address the problem. Plus sort issues by page, issue type, or guideline numbers to stay organized with ease.

  • Web accessibility issues highlighted directly on-page

    For efficient inspection, every website and PDF accessibility issue is highlighted and reported directly on-page and includes clear explanations of issue type and instructions for how to fix them.

  • Simple HTML and CSS W3C web page validation

    Siteimprove Accessibility Issues and Guidelines also checks and evaluates your website’s HTML and CSS markup in conformance with W3C standards to quickly identify those portions of your website that need your attention. Code which is marked up in line with W3C is seen as good web practice and improves website accessibility and search engine visibility.

  • Schedule, export and customize Accessibility reports

    Siteimprove Accessibility customized reports are delivered directly to your inbox, while prioritized error lists help direct your attention to where it’s needed most. You can also export data directly from specific features into MS Excel and XML format, and generate and customize unlimited report templates to suit the needs of you and your team.

The Siteimprove Customer Experience

Online support services – Access product information, software updates and technical support resources online within the tool.

Expert technical assistance – Siteimprove’s trained Customer Experience team is available to provide free expert advice and assistance for all your training and support needs.

Full upgrade protection – Software upgrades and documentation are free, ensuring you stay current on the latest technical developments.

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