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Never miss a misspelling or broken link again.

A broken link or misspelling can have a devastating effect on a visitor’s experience with a website, and therefore the image of the organization behind the website. Siteimprove Quality Assurance provides you with the tools to identify, locate and prioritize the repair of broken links and misspellings needed to protect your website’s credibility.

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But doesn’t my CMS do this?

No. While a CMS system can help you gain a basic overview of your site, it is a very different tool from what Siteimprove offers. A Content Management System may help you quickly change content on your website but it cannot offer you that in-depth overview that helps you quickly identify and fix broken links and typos. But my CMSs checks for misspellings, doesn’t it? Most CMSs have a built-in spell check feature that allows the user to check content before publishing. For this feature to be effective, the user must run the spell check every time, and there is subsequently no guarantee that it is being done.

  • Improve your site’s usability, SEO and credibility

    With unique and simple features, Siteimprove Quality Assurance directs your attention where it’s needed most, correcting errors before they grow. Its intuitive user interface includes language and spelling management, broken link identification, a complete inventory overview of media files and documents, and access to custom reporting.

  • Stress-free Language Management

    Easily see every spelling mistake on your website, and utilize the powerful dictionary editing features to eliminate false positives and proactively flag inappropriate words. Plus if you were to accidentally add a misspelled word to the dictionary it’s no problem as all changes can be reviewed and edited.

  • Quickly Identify Broken Links

    Siteimprove’s crawlers check every link on every single page of your site so that you don’t have to. With options to filter broken links by internal and external, you can quickly see where the problem lies. Plus run reports at any time to instantly see your progress.

  • Manage Web Content Policies and Compliance

    Content Policy in Siteimprove Quality Assurance allows you to simply search for and review specific and unwanted content terms and numbers across multiple websites, such as phrases, symbols and dates so you can ensure company policies, compliance, and style guidelines can be met. Content Policy can also be used to search for old and redundant content, such as words and names or review branding irregularities which affect your users and reputation.

  • Schedule and Customize Reports

    Siteimprove Quality Assurance custom reports are delivered directly to your inbox, with prioritized error lists directing your attention to where it’s needed most. Plus generate, schedule and customize unlimited report templates to suit you or your staff’s needs.

  • Access to Complete Inventory

    Get a comprehensive overview of media files, PDFs, and other documents across multiple websites. Find every instance of sensitive details like email addresses, phone numbers and social security numbers, plus utilize our simple diagrams which show which sites contain what media files, email addresses, and more.

The Siteimprove Customer Experience

Online support services - Access product information, software updates and technical support resources online within the tool.

Expert technical assistance - Siteimprove’s trained Customer Experience team is available to provide free expert advice and assistance for all your training and support needs.

Full upgrade protection - Software upgrades and documentation are free, ensuring you stay current on the latest technical developments.

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